Taste The Rainbow

20 November 2019

You wouldn’t put tar in your car – so why fuel your body with anything less than the best?!

We know that a healthy diet is fundamental to feeling and looking our best. So I’ve put a few of my favourite tips together to get you thriving!

  • Mindset – you must switch the way you think of diet, choosing foods that nourish rather than simply fill you up. Keeping this in mind is a game changer for making better choices. Notice how certain foods make you feel after eating them – sluggish? Energy crash? Hungry shortly after? Fueling correctly will leave you feeling energised!
  • Eat seasonably – Fruits and vegetables that are in season contain more nutrients than when they are forcibly grown out of season, so it’s healthier for us, and of course they usually taste better. We are also supporting local farmers and producers when we buy seasonally, and produce is often more affordable.
  • Read the labels – check what you’re consuming. Hidden nasties in the form of chemicals, saturated fats and refined sugars are lurking in the most unexpected places!
  • Taste the rainbow – no, not Skittles but as many colourful pieces of fruit and veg as you can. Your plate should be bursting with colour! Not only is it more appetising but it also directly relates to the amount of nutrients and vitamins they contain.
  • Hydration is key – you hear it over and over again for a reason, H2O is the best thing we can give our bodies. Headaches, muscle fatigue, brain fog and weight gain can all be attributed to dehydration. Aim for at least 2 litres a day, more if you’re exercising.
  • Be brave – don’t shy away from those strange looking shapes in the veggie aisle, grab a few and whack them in a fail safe stir fry!
  • Snacker’s Delight – keep some naturally dried fruit or unseasoned nuts close by for when you get peckish. Full of nutrients, they’ll keep hunger at bay while also filling you with goodness – just don’t eat the whole bag!

Why just survive when you could thrive!

Take inspiration from some of my favourite foodies…




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