Hi, i’m Lawrie Wilson and I’ve been a professional footballer for 15 years. My career has seen me playing for Charlton Athletic, Bolton Wanderers, Stevenage FC, Colchester FC and Ebbsfleet United FC.

For the last 6 years i’ve been a plant-based athlete. Over this time i’ve faced very opposing opinions on how i eat as an athlete. To be honest for a lot of those years it was a battle at meal times around the training grounds. People would always mock, then question, then decide to give it a go themselves!

Ultimately the proof was in my fitness levels. At 32 i’m considered a fossil in the footballing world, but due to my diet and self-led training methods i can still outrun the young lads!

It has taken commitment and experimentation but this is the healthiest and fittest i’ve ever been and 90% of that is attributed to my diet.

I’m not a nutritionist, this blog is just tips that i’ve picked up along the way on my journey and I hope others can benefit from them too.

Skeptical? Check out Game Changers on Netflix. Finally people can see for themselves what I’ve been saying all along : )

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